Customer Incentive Program

From Today, our customers are our *ambassadors all over the world! each of our customers will be part of the Incentive Program from the day he buys our products and for a period of one year.

The Customer Incentive Program allows our customers to get back 100% of the money they paid for the Oud Case! once they *Convert 5 Customers to buy our Oud case. And offers 5% Discount for those who they converted to our customers.

How?  Upon your purchase and reception of  your case, we will provide you a personalized Password to offer to your friends and potential Converted Lead Customers, and when the Concerted Customer enters this Password upon Checkout in our website WWW.PROUDCASE.COM, They automatically get the 5% discount, and it will be counted as 1 Sale for you, once the Password is used for 5 sales, we will pay refund you back the 100% of what you have paid for your case.

*Converted Lead is a customer who uses the Password we provide to our Ambassadors on Check Out Page.

*Ambassador is a customer who wishes to be part of the Customer Incentive Program




* The offer valid for a period of 1 year from the date you have purchased your case.

* We refund you 100% of the Case price, and not included the delivery and any additional costs.

* Minimum 5 sales

* You can use the same password for yourself as well!